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Orang Kampung Teh Herbal + Halia 25's
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Brand Orang Kampung
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  • remove toxin
  • reduce weight
  • suitable for man and woman


Herbal Tea specially formulated to reduce weight, remove toxins in the body, to overcome the problem of constipation, stabilize blood sugar levels, helping to eliminate body odor and helps the digestive system. Suitable for men and women.



  • Senna Maki Tea Leaf– eliminates constipation and ease bowel movements.
  • Sweet Cumin – remove the gas in the intestines and launch periods.
  • Cinnamon Skin - can help reduce sugar in blood and cholesterol for people with diabetes, reduce weight and increase satiety.
  • Ginger - reduce weight and expel wind in the body.



1 tea sachet is mixed into a glass of hot water, covered it & until it is fluffy (5-10minit), strain and drink 2 times a day, after lunch and after dinner.

What's in the box

Containing a box of Orang Kampung Teh Herbal + Halia 25's.

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