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Scott's DHA Gummies 60's
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  • Body growth & bone development
  • For your child's exploration
  • Flavored gummies

Fun and great-tasting gummies with DHA that helps support your child’s brain development! Scott’s DHA Gummies with microencapsulated DHA technology locks in the DHA goodness from fish oil whilst giving kids the taste they love.

  • Scott’s DHA Gummies with microencapsulated DHA technology, locks in the goodness of fish oil without the fishy taste and smell.
  • In addition to DHA, Scott’s DHA Gummies also contain Vitamin D, which is essential for healthy growth & development in children and healthy immune function.
  • DHA is most abundant in the brain and consider as the structural component of the brain.
  • DHA is essentially important for the development and function of the brain.
  • DHA supplementation linked to higher reading scores in children and improve their reading ability.
  • Just three of Scott’s DHA Gummies a day can help supplement the DHA and Vitamin D that children need.


Dose: 3 Gummies per day.

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Containing a Scott's DHA gummies 60's.